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INTERACTIVE MAP: Scott Walker Receiving Just 38% of His Donations from Wisconsinites

  A new interactive map shows an influx of out-of-state donations coming Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s way since he enacted his trademark, anti-union piece of legislation, Act 10, in February of 2011. The Capital Times reveals what many of us lamented during the Walker Recall — that the Governor’s support comes not from his home…

Walker Would Likely Sign Act 10 Expansion to Include Firefighters, Police if Given the Chance

  In a speech this week, Wisconsin Governor and 2016 Republican Presidential talk-about Scott Walker said he was open to the idea of expanding his controversial Act 10 to include police and firefighters unions.  That piece of legislation, still being dealt with in the legal system two years later, strips workers of collective bargaining…

New WI Union Numbers Reveal Brutal Implications of Walker’s Anti-Collective Bargaining Bill

New WI Union Numbers Reveal Brutal Implications of Walker's Anti-Collective Bargaining Bill
  Two years after Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s anti-union Act 10 became law, the numbers show that this signature piece of legislative overreach has had its intended effect: draining unions of their members and therefore their resources.   Daniel Bice of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel shows that tens of thousands of workers have left…