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Perez Slams Workers Comp System: “Federal Gov’t Has Basically Abdicated any Responsibility.”

Perez Slams Workers Comp System:
  A new report from the Department of Labor describes the current state of workers’ compensation laws as a “race to the bottom.” The report, released earlier this month, suggests workers injured on the job are “at great risk of falling into poverty” because state compensation programs have become grossly inadequate....

Report Reveals Brutal Reality of Workers’ Comp “Middlemen” Inflating Costs and Pocketing Profits

Report Reveals Brutal Reality of Workers' Comp
  A recent report from ProPublica explores the world of the “Workers’ Comp Industrial Complex,” wherein a group of middlemen have succeeded in “cutting costs” for companies at the expense of the injured and sick, all while making themselves rich in the process.  In 2013 alone, employers spent an estimated $89 billion on workers’...

Driver Whose Face Was Slashed by a Passenger Suing Uber for Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Driver Whose Face Was Slashed by a Passenger Suing Uber for Workers' Compensation Insurance
  An Uber X driver who had his face slashed in an unprovoked attack by a passenger has filed a lawsuit in San Francisco Superior Court seeking workers’ compensation insurance coverage from Uber Technologies.  The lawsuit also seeks damages and penalties against Uber as well as class action status.   56-year-old Adbo Ghazi is a...

Language Hidden in USPS Stabilization Bill Could Severely Impact Workers Comp for Federal Employees

  Language hidden in a bill that attempts to stabilize the finances of the United States Postal Service could have a sweeping effect on workers compensation for federal employees.  Colleen M. Kelley, president of the National Treasury Employees Union, told the Washington Post that she, “strongly opposes . . . unwarranted cuts in FECA...