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Free Ride Override: Portion of Wisconsin’s “Right-to-Work” Law Deemed Unconstitutional

Free Ride Override: Portion of Wisconsin's
  A federal judge has ruled that a portion of Wisconsin’s right-to-work law is unconstitutional. U.S. District Judge William M. Conley issued an order permanently forbidding enforcement of Section 9 of the law, which gave Wisconsin workers a free pass to back out of unions. The legal wrangling over Section 9 dates back to early 2016:...

Desperate (Ballot) Measures: With MO GOP Set to Pass “Right-to-Work,” Labor Leader Strikes Early

Desperate (Ballot) Measures: With MO GOP Set to Pass
  Missouri AFL-CIO President Mike Louis is proposing a 2018 ballot initiative that would prevent the state from becoming the next “Right-to-work” state. With the legislature and governorship now under Republican control, the anti-union law looks inevitable. Rather than wait around and watch it happen, Louis submitted a longshot...

Red Bluegrass: Prevailing Wage Repeal, “Right-to-Work” Increasingly Likely in KY Following Election

Red Bluegrass: Prevailing Wage Repeal,
  The grass may still be blue, but Kentucky is looking redder than ever. For the first time in 95 years, Republicans will outnumber Democrats in the Kentucky House of Representatives. That gives them control of the entire state legislature. In a guest post for Insider Louisville, Kentucky Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Dave [&hellip...

1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back: VA’s Minor “Right-to-Work” Victory Countered by Losses in SD, AL

1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back: VA's Minor
  Right-to-work proponents scored victories in Alabama and South Dakota on Tuesday, surprising exactly no one. South Dakota rejected a ballot measure aimed at overturning the state’s “right-to-work” law, while Alabama approved a measure that enshrines the anti-union legislation in the state constitution. Elsewhere, Virginia...

Bright Spot: On Tuesday, VA Rejected a Uniquely Oppressive Eternal “Right-to-Work” Amendment

Bright Spot: On Tuesday, VA Rejected a Uniquely Oppressive Eternal
  In one of the lone bright spots for the labor community on election night, Virginia voters rejected an amendment that would have enshrined the commonwealth’s “right-to-work” status in the state constitution. Virginia has had such a law since 1947, but the ballot measure would have made the law permanent, a uniquely...

THIS IS NOT A TEST: VA Ballot Measure Would Make “Right-to-Work” Virtually Irreversible

THIS IS NOT A TEST: VA Ballot Measure Would Make
  Virginia has had some form of Right-to-Work law on its books since 1947. Now the Republican state legislature would like to see that anti-union language immortalized in the state constitution. The only thing standing in their way? Voters, who will have the opportunity to approve or deny the measure at the ballot box in [&hellip...

Latest “Right-to-Work” Challenge Fails in WI, One Case Remains Before Court of Appeals

  A Wisconsin district court judge dismissed a challenge to the state’s “Right-to-work” law this week. The suit, filed by the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Locals 139 and 420, will now move to a federal appeals court. The two unions contend that the law amounts to an illegal taking of property: The...

Judge Sides with WV Unions, Issues Injunction Blocking State’s New Right-to-Work Law

Judge Sides with WV Unions, Issues Injunction Blocking State's New Right-to-Work Law
  Six months ago West Virginia became a Right-to-work state. This week organized labor got its day in court. The AFL-CIO and 10 other union groups successfully sought an injunction to block the state’s Right-to-work law, which took effect on July 1. The law required unions to extend benefits to all workers, even those who [&hellip...

GOP Congressional Candidate: “Right-to-work laws have no place in Pennsylvania”

GOP Congressional Candidate:
  In a joint op-ed for, Republican congressional candidate Bill Pounds and union organizer Hugh Giordano warn Pennsylvanians about the perils of a pending “Right-to-work” law in the state’s House of Representatives. The proposed legislation comes on the heels of West Virginia’s April decision to become the...

WV AFL-CIO Joins Lawsuit Against “Right-to-Work”; Legal Argument Echoes Recent WI Ruling

WV AFL-CIO Joins Lawsuit Against
  The West Virginia AFL-CIO has announced that it will join a coalition of unions challenging the constitutionality of the state’s newly enacted “Right-to-Work” law.  The lawsuit is expected to be filed in the next 30 days.  Beyond debating the legality of “Right-to-Work,” known in West Virginia as the Workplace Freedom Act, the...

The Legal Argument Used to Overturn Wisconsin’s “Right-to-Work” Law Could Be Used Elsewhere

The Legal Argument Used to Overturn Wisconsin's
  In a piece for In These Times, writer Shaun Richman looks at the legal argument that could overturn “Right-to-Work” laws nationwide. The argument was recently used by the Wisconsin judge who temporarily overturned the state’s “Right-to-Work” law.  While that case is certain to be appealed and overturned by the state’s...

Oregon’s Surprising “Right-to-Work” Ballot Initiative Actually Has a Shot, with a Twist

Oregon's Surprising
  Prior to the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and the subsequent pro-worker ruling in Friedrichs v. CTA, it was fairly easy to overlook the “Right-to-Work” ballot initiative heading for Oregon in November.  A SCOTUS ruling against CTA in Friedrichs would have created a de facto “Right-to-Work” law on the national level...