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Ontario Building Trades: Drill Responsible for Worker Death Should be Considered a Crane, Require Compulsory Certification

  Kyle Knox was 24 when he died on the job. He was working a backhoe when a drill rig being operated by a non-licensed worker fell on him.  He died instantly.  Late last month, the company responsible was fined $400,000 for his death. But long before the incident the framework for looming tragedy was [&hellip...

NY State Considering Allowing Technical, Skilled Trades as Core Subjects for High School Graduation

  In New York, the state Board of Regents is considering allowing high school students who take technical and career oriented classes to replace one of the five core regents exams with a “career pathway assessment.”  Advocates say that the change would positively affect dropout rates and test scores, and help students toward the careers...