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Construction Owner Defends Michigan’s Prevailing Wage in Response to Mounting Misinformation

  Michigan’s anti-worker factions are ramping up their attacks on the prevailing wage, and the owner of Detroit area company Cowhy Hayes Construction, James Cowhy, has something to say about it. In an op-ep in The Detroit News, Cowhy does his part to prevent an unnecessary wedge issue from developing. The prevailing wage benefits...

Michigan Construction Co. President: “Prevailing Wages Work For Us.”

Michigan Construction Co. President:
  As the Michigan legislature looks into providing much-needed funding for roads, the prevailing wage is being used as a divisive tool by the same people who made the state “Right-to-Work.”  With an agenda of lowering wages to appease big business and ideology, Michigan Republicans are painting an unflattering portrait of the prevailing...

MI Supreme Court Refuses Gov. Snyder’s Request for Reinforcement of Potentially Unconstitutional “Right-to-Work” Law

  In the days after Michigan legislators made the Wolverine state the 24th to implement a “Right-to-Work” law, lawsuits challenging its constitutionality began piling up like dead crustaceans on the shores of the Great Lakes.  On January 28th, Gov. Rick Snyder countered by asking the state’s Supreme Court for an advisory opinion on the...

“Modernization”: The GOP Catchphrase for Taking from Workers and Giving to Business

  Modernization. It sounds so progressive, so forward-thinking.  Why settle for what you have when you can have something more modern, right?  When the word is used to frame anti-worker legislation as inescapably helpful, however, it enables politicians to turn hackneyed arguments into news cycle fodder and to inch ever closer to reversing...

6 of 8 States Receiving an “F” in Corruption Are Right-to-Work States

6 of 8 States Receiving an “F” in Corruption Are Right-to-Work States
Hat-tip to Roy Houseman (@RoyHouseman) for pointing out that a new study dishing out grades for corruption among U.S. states has resulted in a dishonorable “F” going to six “Right-to-Work” states. Only eight states received an “F” all told: Eight state governments received a failing F grade when it comes to...