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REPORT: Transport of Crude “Environmentally Catastrophic” By Rail; Keystone XL Safer

REPORT: Transport of Crude
  A pair of recently released reports show that failure to move the Keystone XL pipeline forward could lead to increased environmental harm resulting from the transportation of crude oil by rail. ¬†Together the reports suggest that demand for crude oil is independent of the pipeline’s construction and that oil companies in states such...

Trains, Pains and Autumn’s Mo’ Spills: Transporting Crude by Rail Isn’t Working

Trains, Pains and Autumn's Mo' Spills: Transporting Crude by Rail Isn't Working
  Detractors of the Keystone XL pipeline cite safety concerns as a main argument against its construction. The earth and the communities which pipeline construction would affect, they say, should not be subject to the potential dangers of a new transport mecahnism, no matter how effective it may be. So in the absence of a [&hellip...