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Obama’s Fair Pay EO May Be Temporarily Blocked, but this New Wage Theft Hotline is Open


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President Obama’s Fair Pay & Safe Workplaces Executive Order was scheduled to go into effect last week. Designed to protect low-wage workers on federal contracts, the EO says contractors must report their own labor law violations when bidding on federal contracts. Unfortunately, these provisions have been temporarily blocked by a judge in Texas who issued a preliminary injunction. 

That hasn’t stopped Good Jobs Nation from launching the very first National Wage Theft Hotline. Workers can call 1-844-PAY-FAIR to report wage theft and obtain legal defense:

Workers who call 1-844-PAY-FAIR are prompted — in English and Spanish — to leave a message detailing their contact information, where they live, what company they work for and why they think they’re a victim of wage theft. Good Jobs Nation will verify that the named companies are in fact contracted by the federal government, get in touch with the worker and start an investigation to see whether or not the wage theft claims hold water in court.

As we have pointed out in previous posts, low-wage workers are frequently paid less than minimum wage on federal contracts and often fail to receive overtime. Via Next City:

An estimated one out of every three of the 2 million workers employed by federal contractors are victims of wage theft, according to the National Employment Law Project. Among 567 federal contract workers interviewed by that organization, three out of four reported earning less than $10 an hour, and 58 percent received no benefits at all.

That makes the National Wage Theft Hotline even more crucial in the wake of the preliminary injunction that has blocked Obama’s EO:

“Good Jobs Nation’s legal team has found that many federal contracts are awarded to irresponsible firms that routinely trample the rights of workers,” said Joseph Geevarghese, national campaign director for the organization, which represents more than two million low-wage, federal contract workers.

“Over the last three years Good Jobs Nation has filed legal complaints on behalf of over 1,500 contract workers at the Senate, at the Pentagon and other national landmarks in order to recover over $5 million in stolen wages and damages,” he said.

Learn more about the wage theft hotline at the Good Jobs Nation website.

For more on President Obama’s Fair Pay & Safe Workplaces Executive Order, read our archived post


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