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Picketing CWA Members Claim to Have Been Struck by Cars Driven by Verizon Attorney, Manager


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Two Verizon employees in Maryland claim they were struck by a Porsche driven by a company attorney last week while they were on the picket line.  The company denies the incident.

The story came from the Communications Workers of America (CWA) newsletter, “Report from the Front Lines.”  The incident allegedly involved two CWA Local 2108 members at the Gaithersburg garage.  One of the victims was taken to the hospital.  Another CWA Local 2108 member was hit by a car driven by management while on the picket line at the same garage.  

When the strike began last week, Verizon was asking for extreme concessions despite 39 billion in profits over the past three years and $5.4 billion in profits in the first three months of 2016 alone.  The company’s CEO makes over 200 times what the average Verizon employee earns per year. In total, the company’s top 5 executives have made $233 million in the last five years.  

The handling of the alleged car incidents is being approached with similar coarseness by Verizon.  Speaking to TeleSur, company spokesperson Raymond McConville said:

“We have found zero evidence supporting these claims.  There have been no formal complaints filed and no arrest records.”

But a photo of the event was posted on the CWA site, showing the Porsche, a police car, and workers on the picket line.  CWA communications director Candice Johnson said that “one worker was taken to the hospital with a knee injury.”  

“It’s unfortunate that Verizon doesn’t acknowledge the bad acts of its managers,” she added.

They don’t acknowledge much.


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