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Denver Teamsters Celebrate Ballot Measure 2A Passage, Restoration of Furloughed Pay, Future Infrastructure Funding for the City

1,000 Teamsters in Denver, Colorado are being rewarded for their organizing work to help pass Ballot Measure 2A that restored 14 unpaid furlough days. Measure 2A lifted a state mandated spending cap put in place by the Taxpayers Bill of Rights (TABOR) in 1992. With help from the Teamsters’ DRIVE Political Action Committee, local members informed the public about their “Yes on 2A” coalition. The measure passed with 73.8 percent of voters in favor.

Local 17 Secretary-Treasurer Mike Simeone praised the International DRIVE committee and called their support “crucial.”

We couldn’t have done it without DRIVE. With the help of Joint Council 3 and DRIVE, we were one of the largest contributors to the Yes on 2A effort. Now we have a big seat at the table with the city to represent our members.

14 restored furlough days is good news, but the passage of Measure 2A will have a more far-reaching impact on local government. Restrictions from the 20-year old TABOR have made finding funding a problem for the city. According to the Denver Post, its passage means the city can add $68 million in funding to services and infrastructure:

Denver has struggled the past several years with an out-of-balance ledger, forcing cuts, furloughs and service reductions. The city has had to slice $540 million over the past five years because expenses exceed revenues from sales and property taxes.

The extra $68 million that the city will be allowed to keep will go to hire 100 more police officers and firefighters, repave 300 lane miles of roads and restore library hours that had been reduced as a cost-cutting move.

After the election night victory Teamsters Local 17 posted this message on their Facebook page:

Now all City employees can join Teamsters Local 17 and say in a loud voice, IT PAYS TO BE UNION AND IT IS THE TEAMSTERS, WE BELIEVE, THAT MAKE OUR WORKPLACE BETTER!


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