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Milwaukee Ironworker Announces Bid for Wisconsin State Assembly

Organized Labor may add a friendly new face to the Wisconsin State Assembly this year as Randy Bryce, a Milwaukee Ironworker, has announced his filing of the proper paperwork to run in the newly redrawn 62nd District. Bryce is a political coordinator and holds an executive position on the board of Milwaukee Ironworkers Local 8. He has gained political experience by volunteering on the campaigns of Rob Zerban. Zebran is currently running for Congress against Paul Ryan. 

Bryce explains his reasons for entering the fray:

“With the current volatile political atmosphere in Wisconsin, I seek to build bridges so that all of the people in the State can have their voice heard,” Bryce said. “Our government should be accessible, transparent, and, accountable. I seek to stop giving breaks to those who can afford it while the majority of working America keeps being told to make more sacrifices. I refuse to accept cuts to our services while property taxes are raised.”

Full disclosure: We have interacted with Bryce on many occasions via Facebook where his work is limitless and his leadership is palpable. There is a clear sense of people looking to Bryce for online guidance and up-to-the-minute information.

Bryce is one of many Wisconsinites whose political interest piqued by the union busting policies of Gov. Scott Walker. Currently between jobs, Bryce is one of the few candidates who can have an honest conversation with the people most affected by Walker’s policies in dairyland, being that he is directly affected by them.

“I’ve been involved in the political scene since Walker dropped the bomb on unions,” Bryce said. “What I do is advocate for jobs so our guys can get to work. But Walker promised 250,000 jobs, and we’ve got nothing.”

Bryce seems a refreshing addition to the melodrama of the Wisconsin legislature, a worker with first hand knowledge of the problems facing constituents and looking to usher in an era of transparency. The former U.S. Army veteran will be using his organizational skills to start a conversation with his neighbors about the direction that Wisconsin is heading under Governor Walker and the direction it needs to head in order to restore the state’s reputation as a progressive leader. From his Press Release:

“I rely on skill and hard work to build solid steel foundations and bridges so I’d like to use that mindset to Build the Bridges and foundations we need to strengthen our communities, our schools and our cooperation on what is best for the people of the State of Wisconsin. “ This past year has seen Wisconsin lead the nation in job loss. This is just wrong for Wisconsin. We need to work together to renew our states role as a Strong leader.

He is a lifelong Wisconsin resident and proud US Army veteran. Randy Bryce brings a refreshing “ Straight shootin’, Say what I mean, Mean what I say, Stand behind my word. What you see is what you get.” Common sense approach to this campaign and all his work. He is currently a Trustee with the Southeast Wisconsin Building Trades, and, sits on Iron Workers Local 8’s Executive Board.

How straight shooting does Randy Bryce aim to be? If you want to reach his campaign, don’t bother trying to contact his political team, press secretary or campaign manager. Bryce is giving out his email and phone number to those who wish to speak to him. ::: (262) 676-2671


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