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VIDEO: AFGE Local 3258 President Gives Fantastic Anti-Spending Cut Presentation

In the two videos below, Vice Chair of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) HUD council, Carolyn Federoff (also president of AFGE Local 3258), gives an amazing presentation that takes down the idea of cutting government spending as a means of ditching the deficit. The videos were posted on New Hampshire Labor News.

The presentation, which was given at the Massachusetts AFL-CIO’s conference as well as the Massachusetts Building and Construction Trades Council conference, is roughly 20 minutes long between the two videos combined. Our favorite part? Clearly, the Back to the Future-esque disappearing cabinet members…


2 Comments on “VIDEO: AFGE Local 3258 President Gives Fantastic Anti-Spending Cut Presentation”

  1. Thank you for putting this up. An excellent speaker with a coheasive message–what a relief.

    Only one thing I wish she\’d have pointed out. Cutting all those agencies will put tons of people on unemployment and reduce revenue even further.

  2. Dear Fr33d0m

    You’re wrong, she killed all federal unemployment compensation in her cuts.

    All those unemployed are the state’s problem now.

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