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Co. Daniels Claims Benefited from “Right-to-Work” Denies the Law Had Anything to Do With Expansion

File under “we’re not shocked.”

It turns out the Indiana company being touted as having benefited from the state’s implementation of a “Right-to-Work” law denies that the law had anything to do with their recent expansion:

MBC Group President Eric Holloway said Thursday that he always planned to expand his Brookville operations and that a state news release issued two weeks ago mistakenly quoted him as saying “right to work” legislation factored into his decision.

“We are not a union shop. The effect that this was going to have was not going to affect our decision one way or another,” said Holloway, whose company estimates that its planned $4.1 million expansion will create up to 101 new jobs.

Republicans who pushed the legislation through in Indiana are in a hurry to prove its significance, but in less of a hurry to provide specifics:

Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels said this week that the new law is the reason 28 companies are considering moving to Indiana and the reason three companies already have committed to doing so. He said he wouldn’t name any of the companies “until we have their permission to,” making his claims impossible to verify. The only company he has named thus far is MBC, which said the “right to work” law did not play into its expansion decision.

Read more from the Indy Star HERE.


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