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CA Gov Jerry Brown Gives Huge Shoutout to Union Apprenticeship Programs on “Meet the Press”

This Sunday’s edition of Meet the Press was music to Building Trades leaders ears when California Governor Jerry Brown took a question from David Gregory concerning higher education and flipped it into a ringing endorsement for the apprenticeship training that building and construction trades unions have been investing in and touting for years. Here’s the video and transcript:

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MR. GREGORY: You–education, of course, a big issue in both of your states. How do you react to Senator Santorum’s view about Obama and higher education?

GOV. BROWN: Well, it’s not the way I would frame it. Everyone should have a right and an opportunity to go to college and yes, we should have technical training like they do in Germany. I’d also emphasize, which Mr. Santorum doesn’t, that joint labor management apprentice programs for pipe fitters and electricians and sheet metal workers and carpenters, I’d like to see a lot more of that and that takes union and management cooperation, something that the Republican candidates seem very hostile to.

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