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NH GOP’s “Right-to-Work” Veto Override Fails

Huge news just came in from New Hampshire. The state GOP’s long-winded attempt at overriding Governor John Lynch’s veto of “Right-to-Work” has failed. Speaker William O’Brien, a conservative and staunch anti-unionist, tried every trick in the book, from threatening to call the veto vote during the year’s largest Democratic fundraiser, to having people removed from their posts, in a desperate attempt to slight New Hampshire’s workers and businesses of the right to fair wages and protections. From WMUR:

A veto of a bill that would bar unions from collecting a share of costs from nonmembers was sustained Wednesday.

New Hampshire workers rallied at the Statehouse to support Gov. John Lynch’s veto, even though debate wasn’t scheduled on the override attempt. The gallery and the hallways surrounding the House chambers were packed.

Lynch vetoed the bill in May, but House Speaker William O’Brien had been working to get enough votes to override the veto. But the override attempt failed on a 240-139 vote, falling short of the two-thirds majority needed.

The State Employees’ Association called on its members to rally in case O’Brien called for the vote during Wednesday’s House session.

Other labor groups also have attended each House session since the bill was vetoed to show their opposition, and bill supporters have attended sessions to urge the House to pass the bill.


2 Comments on “NH GOP’s “Right-to-Work” Veto Override Fails”

  1. Great job New Hampshire. Another win for the 99%, now it’s off to Indiana

  2. Govt should be working on economic development instead of attacking working men and women’s rights to bargain.

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