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Before You Talk Turkey, Talk Truth: Indiana Holding Pre-Holiday Rally Against Right-to-Work

When the Indiana Legislature’s Interim Study Committee on Employment voted 5-4 along party lines to advance a so-called “Right-to-Work” law through the state House and Senate, it guaranteed that the Hoosier state would be in for a tumultuous 2012. One of the first rallies opposing “Right-to-Work” will be held next Tuesday, November 22nd at the Indiana Statehouse. It will begin at 10 AM. What is being called the “Indiana Workers Rally Day” is being hosted by Indiana Progressive Liberals and We Are One. According to the Indiana Progressive Liberals:

The so-called “Right to Work” forces are back, along with the Indiana Legislature. On November 22 the Legislature will hold Organization Day, when they organize themselves for the upcoming session. Last year we beat back the massive attack on working families, including “Right to Work” and a ban on Project Labor Agreements for the Building Trades. Those issues were deferred to a Summer Study Committee, but may well come back in the 2012 legislative session.

These issues and further attacks on teachers and public employees can be expected to be introduced one again by some of the extreme anti-worker Representatives. The Indiana AFL-CIO has called for an all-unions Lobby Day on November 22. It is important that we are there on day one to make our case and show them that we won’t back down from defending the middle class and the workers’ rights on which it depends. Please make every effort to be there. As usual we will have buses to the Statehouse.

According to an article in the South Bend Tribune, “The Statehouse will be no place for cowards.” Union brothers and sisters have been called many things throughout the long course of the labor movement, but cowards has not been one of them. The people of Indiana, inspired by those who have fought for labor in nearby Wisconsin and Ohio, have waited for the issue come to their doorsteps and now must answer the door.

Since the panel voted in favor of “Right-to-Work” in late October, both sides have been preparing their arguments for the inevitable legislative clash. While union brothers and sisters march on the statehouse on Tuesday, Republican legislators will be holding a less inspiringly named “organization day.”

(No, inspiringly is not a word.)


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