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Get a What? A Job? 70% of Occupy Wall Streeters are Employed, Compared to 56% of Tea Partiers

A new infographic posted on the Dangerous Minds blog shows some striking differences between the Occupy movement and the Tea Party. The movement is younger, more politically independent, less wealthy and, unfortunately for all of the folks crying laziness, MORE EMPLOYED.

According to the graphic, pulled together by Accelerated Degree, 70% of Occupy Wall Street participants are employed, taking the wind out of the argument that protestors are lazy, free-riding hippies with nothing else to do. Many of the movement’s most staunch supporters go protest and occupy AFTER WORK.

Without further ado, the infographic:


153 Comments on “Get a What? A Job? 70% of Occupy Wall Streeters are Employed, Compared to 56% of Tea Partiers”

  1. Love it! Thank you!!!!!

    Tony aka Fantastic Anarchist

    1. Retired were “accounted for” but not “recalculated.” Throw them out, and you have 84 percent of the non-retired tea party types who are employed.

      I am a skeptical left-liberal who supports some of OWS’s energy, skeptically uncovers most of its self-generated myth-making, and in general calls for more skeptical thinking in life in general. And, speaking of that, especially on how OWS skews beyond America on graduate degrees, and is about as white as tea partiers, and more:

      1. Socraticgadfly,
        I’m sure you’re a goodie old-fashioned skeptical liberal and not a troll and all, but your claim that the OWS movement is as White as the Tea party is ludicrous and belies your own claims.

      2. Plenty of hispanic and black protesters near me…don’t over-generalize a movement.

      3. 70% unemployeed means 3x the national average for unemployment amoung ows supporters.

        either the author is horrible at math or good at spinning stats and making pretty pictures.

        retired isn’t unemployed.

        why would anyone ever quote michael moore?

        1. That’s 70% EMPLOYED. It means people without jobs are telling people with jobs to “get a job”.

  2. Can we please have a whip-round to finance some well-made non-partisan ads/billboards/etc; highlighting the problems we want to fix, and the corporate/political propaganda being used against us, the people?

  3. What a ridiculous post. Did you take into account the number of Tea Partiers who are retired and/or one income families? A vast majority of the Tea Party is over 45, that telling statistic should have prevented such a stupid post.

    70% of the OWS protesters being employed still accounts for 30% not employed. Who’s fault of the unemployment is the chicken and egg debate.

    1. Actually, the retired people are in the pie chart, check it again

      1. I read Lakoff’s piece with interest. I think that the OWS and its muiunttdilous offspring should read it and take it to heart before they lose the support of 98% of the 99% they claim to represent. From my perspective, they are focusing (in SF and Oakland anyway) on all the wrong things and alienating potential allies (like me). This guy seems to grasp that in order to succeed, in order to become a moral force for change, they have to sway voters and win hearts and minds. Right now, too many seem to be focused only on preserving messy encampments and treating the dwindling middle class as the enemy. Neither I nor anyone I know will ever be anywhere NEAR the 1% but I also do not identify with any of the local OWS activity (what is the point of breaking the windows of small businesses? of intimidating cafe customers? etc.) If they don’t the seize opportunity to issue some positive message, support of the people they most need is going to erode in the face of outrageous bad behavior with no apparent thoughtful message worth hearing. I live in what is arguably the most liberal-progressive urban area in the United States. Almost everyone I know is an Obama lovin’ hard-core Democrat, and virtually none of them have any respect left for (at least our local versions of) OWS.

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    2. He did account for people that were retired, if you could be bothered to actually read what you are hating on

    3. I suppose you just read the title and not the graphic where itpoints out 1/3 of those unemployed tea partiers are retired, leaving the same amount of willfully employed people working. You sounded extremely stupid.

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      1. Your math is off…the willfully employed people in the Tea Party would be at 84% once the retirees are removed.

        1. I can only assume this is as percentage of the total amount of people who are a part of the groups. Why would he take out the retired people, since they’re such a sizable fraction? I can only assume/hope (hope that this study is being honest, that is) that the fraction of retirees in OWS is either negligible or non-existent.

          1. From the basic viewpoint of economists, Unemployed status does not include either those who are retired OR those who haven’t sought employment in the past month. THis is something that almost never gets pointed out in these statistics… Unemployment rate are only those who are actively seeking employment. They are NOT the lazy ones that they are so often billed as.

          2. Considering that another key point of the infographic was the ages of the protesters in either group, which demonstrated that OWS protesters are, on the whole, a lot younger… I’m inclined to believe that there really just aren’t many OWS retirees at all.

          3. An interesting post, Emily. And I agree with a lot of it; I don’t think that large scale ptsreots alone are going to achieve that much. I’d suggest that they’re good for raising awareness, but that awareness isn’t much use if we don’t agree what should be done.And these are heartless global corporations. Just sitting down in their street isn’t going to cause them to change their behaviour there needs to be something more. I’m not suggesting more in the way of the ptsreots themselves (the furore around the Mayday/G8 riots has harmed not helped the cause of the protesters, and violence is never desirable). The best way to get the attention of these companies is to hit them where it hurts in the balance sheet.But too many of us are devoted to the grand gesture, the one-off act of defiance which still means we can do everything as we did before style over substance, effort for one event then apathy. Make the changes. Do all you can to stop putting money in their wallets if enough of us do this, we’ll soon get their attention.Allan recently posted..

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    4. Ummm, it shows in the actual post how many of them are retired….If you read the entire post it seems to be pretty fair at pointing out actual statistics rather than just reposting opinion…

    5. I think you just added proof that OWS is more educated.

  4. Come on, don’t divide the people further, that’s just what “they” want.

    We all have the same interests.



    1. wtf? Exactly how shall we “Join Together” with people (TP) who commonly advocate we be shot for being Liberal?

  5. Good infographic. One small point of contention…as much as you want him to be, Michael Moore is not a politician. Putting him up there with Pelosi and Obama degrades the fact that they have been elected. Other than that I just about completely agree with the info.

    1. We didn’t make the graphic. But entirely agree about Moore being misclassified…

      1. Really? You only think that politicians are people who are elected/in office?

        Wikipedia says: “A politician or political leader (from Greek “polis”) is an individual who is involved in influencing public policy and decision making.”

        Michael Moore educates, and no doubt influences policy.

        1. If you called Michael Moore a politician in public, would people agree with you? Would you need to play careful word games and use selective definitions?

          Stick to the real world meaning of politician. Moore is no politician and implying otherwise is disingenuous at best and an outright lie at worst.

          Stick to the truth. Its easier to remember.

          1. Um…Stick to the more common and acknowledged term, sure. But facts are facts and you are not entitled to your own, therefore, by definition, Michael Moore is a “politician.” Just because you don’t wish to acknowledge that is not his problem. No, he was not elected, but he certainly has shown his ability to help influence policy and get people elected by educating the general public.

  6. If you look at employment, the tea-partiers are much more employed when you take away those that are retired (84% vs. 70% of Occupiers). Also, if 30% of Occupiers are unemployed, that does not defeat the argument that Occupiers are free-riders. 70% is significantly lower than the national average.

    Overall, these are cool graphics. I just think it’s deceptive to manipulate the employments statistics when it’s pretty clear that tea-partiers are far more employed than are occupiers.

    1. the retired don’t work, why wouldn’t you count them? just because you don’t like what it says you try to downplay it. get a clue.

      1. The percentage of unemployment is determined by the number of people who are claiming unemployment and collecting checks from the government. In order to be counted among government statistics as unemployed, you must also be actively looking for work, or else you will not receive unemployment welfare and you will not be “in the system,” as it were. So, no, the retired do not count toward the unemployed.

        1. the retired collect social security, which IS government aid for being out of work. they are part of the statistic. i’m sorry, but you are wrong.

    2. 56+33=89

      The failing education system, watered down by funding cuts, ideological restrictions, material censorship, and attacks on the pay of teachers in this country is the root of most of our problems.

    3. Why all the focus on the employment statistic? The demographic most involved in the Occupy protests is also the most likely to be unemployed because there are no jobs for the careers they studied/prepared for. This is not their fault and is the fault of the large banks and speculators (lumped together as Wall Street). The Tea Party followers largely are older and more established and more likely to have one of the available jobs.

      The Tea Party is largely the right-wing base of the GOP, most of whom are older and many of whom are retired. Retired people are willingly not working and can reasonably be called “free riders”, while the Occupy protesters are generally looking for work, which makes them active job seekers, not “free riders”.

      1. I studied Biology with an emphasis on the sociological traits of the porcupine. If it weren\’t for Goldman Sachs I would be happily employed and living high on the proverbial hog. I am the 99%!!!!! I have a tent pitched for your Chris….. come join the movement.

      2. What are you trying to say? You are implying some pretty offensive things about retirees, here. Don’t you have grandparents? Where did you come up with these ideas?

        I am not pro Tea-Party by a long shot, but you are making it REALLY easy for me to see where they are coming from with their stereotypical opinions, especially about liberal-arts education. Please stop posting. It’s an embarrassment to the cause you claim to support.

        Oh, wait… I get it. You’re really a TPer, aren’t you? That was a pretty good one. Not a bad strategy, either.

    4. Why would you take out of the figures retirees?

      Are you saying old people dont count as people or that “old people” is an occupation busily engaged in the workforce day in and day out and so its of special significance that they turn up at protests as the general suggestion is in relation to how many are employed or not?

      Either way saying they are not in the work force is simply a statement of fact. Question though, when you take that 34% out in relation to employment do you also take it out in relation to numbers?

      the word is ikea, a bad sign for the future.

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    5. > Accuse OWS of being manipulative
      > Manipulate the statistics to make them work for you to make the argument

      Who else can we ‘throw out’ to make this work? Ooh… how about the unemployed who are looking for jobs? If we throw them out, it’s like… 95% employment! Incredible!

      1. You claim that the tea party will be looked back at in htosiry as more influential than the OWS protests.That is hard to tell.But you are trying to slander, and smear the name of those who support the protest.I support the protest, but I feel it is misdirected.The main problem right now, is that the rich aren’t paying nearly the same proportion of taxes as those in lower income brackets for example Warren Buffet pays fractions of what people who make less than him pay and Mr. Buffet himself disagrees with this.Occupy wall street shows us that capitalism isn’t perfect, and there are losers from the system.All of the pictures posted with notes above, with so called success stories’ who aren’t like the lazy’ occupy wall street people.You see their pictures above, and they are rubbing it in the face of people who are poor, homeless, maybe they don’t have the same supportive family, or a family at all.Maybe they grew up in the inner city somewhere, maybe they grew up in an isolated native reserve, maybe they are from the desolate coal mining towns, where industry once thrived and now has gone to China where they workers are exploitable but we’ll still buy their goods.But listen, I’m not against trade liberalization trading with China, or trading with anyone.I believe we need to trade more with the world, and open our markets more so.But realize, that there are losers in capitalism, and our choice on whether or not to compensate these losers is a personal one.I can’t imagine personally, not helping out a poor person, someone in need.You people are heartless, terrible people, who wouldn’t give a dime to a hobo. That’s your personal viewpoint, and it sickens me.

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    6. I work full-time (just to pre-empt any character attacks), but what idiot associates unemployment with laziness? Do you think that millions of people suddenly become lazy during economic recessions? Or, in an economy with 5 job-seekers for every job opening, do you believe that most of the unemployed can magically will jobs into existence?

      People who look down on the unemployed are either extremely stupid or have never thought about whether their views make sense. I’d like to think the latter is more common.

  7. The way you’ve named/structured the section “what the politicians are saying” makes it seem like President Obama actually said the words that are below his picture – 1) the title implies that the words are what was said by each person, 2) There are quotes around the text, just after his boldfaced name. To a native English speaker with a reasonable education It’s obvious from the content that it’s someone else speaking *about* Obama, but it may be miscontrued by others, and I would suggest re-titling and/or restructuring it (for example to name/picture the person who actually *said* that, and note within the quotes (by replacing “him” with “[President Obama]”) who it is the person is referring to.

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  8. Where did these stats come from?

    A liberal’s mind? There’s no way to get these numbers

    1. They list their sources at the bottom of their graphic.

      1. A “works cited” list is not proper sourcing for this kind of analysis. I think it’s a cool graphic and study, but not properly notating data in-text (er, graphic) really detracts from its validity.

      2. And I deleted my “share” of this on FB when I saw Conservapedia in the sources. Just sayin.

  9. So… You’re saying that retired people are lazy?

    56% + 33% looks to me like 87% either have a job, or HAD a job that they worked for 30+ years.

    1. math, again.

    2. Retired people may not be lazy, but they are resting on their laurels, which is entirely appropriate for some.

      The point is that it’s inaccurate to call Occupy protesters slackers or free riders when they are actively seeking work.

    3. Wtf dude? It’s 1/3rd of the 44% who are retired, which is about 14.3%.

      Add 14.3 to 56 and you get 70.3% which would THEN be the number of employed and retired, which is about the same as the OWS 70% who are CURRENTLY employed. (That is if you feel it is ok to ignore those within OWS who are retired and counted into the unemployed part)

    4. Are you saying unemployed people are inherently more lazy, or have less stake in the future of the country, than a person who has lived their life, and now is just playing solitare waiting die? It would seem that those who are planning to get a job [the unemployed] would in this case somewhat matter more than those who have no intention to work again in the life.

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    5. Have you seen how much the average retiree does in a day? I wish I could have a nana nap at 11, a mid afternoon siesta at about 3, and then pop off to bed early heavily sedated, frankly reminds me of the days when I was unemployed, and hence why retirees are not counted as people who are employed.

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    6. Are you saying the unemployed are lazy? Because if you are, I don’t think you’re in a position to criticize anyone else*.

      *Unless you’ve either figured out how most unemployed can find jobs when there are 5 people for every job opening. Or solved the mystery of why millions of people choose to stop working during recessions.

      (People who disparage the unemployed aren’t wrong because they lack empathy; they’re wrong because their views make absolutely no logical sense.)

  10. Stop posting that horribly researched and inaccurate infographic! That is an advertisement for ForProfit universities. For Profit universities are allowed to have such predatory recruitment because of legislation by Rep. Boehner. They DO NOT educate students, they just steal their money. Stop supporting DeVty, Pheonix University and other Swindlers.

  11. So if you consider the retired portion of the Tea Party, you see that 90% are either employed or retired (i.e. were employed). So more Tea Party members work or have worked than the occupy Wall Street crowd. Also, Tea Party members are older (for the most part wiser) as opposed to the young OWS group that is a bunch of youth who feel that someone is supposed to take care of them (government) and that successful individuals who are wealthy are inherently bad. What is more pathetic is that the crowd thinks they can loiter without actually proposing any realistic change, hoping that fate intervenes. It’s a bunch of losers and I am not sure how they are going to remain employed if they spend their time living on the street, complaining about how they have no drive to succeed on their own merit.

    1. Let me get this straight. This older and “wiser” generation you speak of has nothing to do with the fact that the economy has been driven into the ground and now the younger generation can’t find jobs because they have all somehow disappeared? Because as far as I’m concerned, it looks like you all did a pretty good job of screwing over our nation. It’s people like you that want things to keep going in the same direction that are only making things worse. Don’t complain about us not being able to find jobs when it’s not our fault that they don’t exist anymore. It’s not that these people want “to be taken care of” but to have the option to take care of themselves. You, sir, are the loser. Get a clue.

    2. Goverment hand outs? It sounds like you’re talking about big corporations and the wealthy. Taxes should be levied upon everyone, fairly, and it has nothing to do with whether anyone is ‘bad’.

      It is the job of the government to “take care of us” in the sense that it provides a level playing field for ALL Americans, not just those who can buy better odds with excess wealth. There are a lot of real points being talked about, but it sounds like you want OWS to hold your hand in giving them to you right here and now so you don’t have to read further. But, that’s not fair, maybe you can’t. We can teach you to read if you come join us. I’m sure someone would be glad to lend their expertise.

      Also, just because someone is currently unemployed doesn’t mean they haven’t worked. If you haven’t been paying attention, unemployment in this country has grown to almost 4 times what it was only a decade ago. Finding full-time employment is incredibly hard in the current economic climate, regardless of drive. But, you’re probably another one of those folks who think that if you just try harder a job will materialize in front of you.

    3. Jimbo,
      Do you have anything to contribute or are you just here to express your hatred for those with a different viewpoint?

      I’m asking because I read your comments are they appear to be content-free, unless you count juvenile name-calling and generalization.

    4. My dear brother. No one that I have spoken to at any of the occupy movements I have been to (in NY, LA & Oakland) have ever asked for a handout from the government. These are simply false assumptions being made. I think you see the movement as a left aligned movement and therefore believe that every far left agenda is automatically a part of the movement. This is not the case.
      Furthermore, the vast majority of us do not believe that wealthy INDIVIDUALS are inherently bad (with the exception of the few wall street crooks who led us into this financial meltdown). Rather, it is the collective purchasing power of the few mega rich/corporations that are bad. The role they play in shaping policy in government through lobbying and unlimited/ undisclosed donations to campaign funding is bad.
      As far as taxation, most are not angry that “Joe self-made millionaire” found his fortune. We believe that GE should not be able to make record profit and not pay a dime in taxes. People that accumulate their wealth through capital gains should be subject to the same taxes as the rest of us. NOT more taxes. the SAME taxes.
      Finally, it is not our goal to come up with one demand to unite under simply because the problems that plague our nation are many. There is no silver bullet that will cure all. The problems are systemic and in order for us to devise fundamental change, discussion and collaboration must be had on a national scale. Not discussion between political ideologues in washington, but between citizen who, I believe, unanimously agree that our system is broken. Yes, we each possess different opinions on how to go about fixing things and it is precisely this reason that open and candid communication between citizens is essential for change. Ideas and solutions spring forth through creative collaboration.

      Don’t you see. Our proposal has been to promote dialogue between all, and in that respect we have been successful since day one. Please. Open your mind to new ideas. I’m not saying you should agree. I simply encourage to have conversation as to why YOU believe the things that YOU do, rather than cut down and attempt to discredit the things that WE believe. There is nothing constructive about that.

      1. thank you, tysmalls!
        so well put. i am horrified by how poisonous these right wing comments are.
        we’re trying to sit down, talk to other people, start to envision a better world. and their response is “the world is a terrible place and you naive lazy kids need to accept that, we look forward to you dying in brutal ways.”
        I hope it’s just the internet-troll-mind and not how these people actually are in their real lives.

      2. Right on, Ty! The biggest obstacle we have to overcome is that our media and our govt WANT to make sure we are divided along party lines. That way we can continue to bicker amongst ourselves while our govt continues to take corporate money and pass laws that favor corporations so they can continue to line their own pockets. The majority of our elected public servants don’t want us to unite on this – because if we ever did, their days would be numbered and they would have to stop raping the average American taxpayer.

    5. Doesnt retiree simply mean beyond the working age? If you wish to split hairs and suggest that the graphic should be about those who are or have been involved in the workforce, then one would think that alot of the retirees would be removed, as many would be stay at home wives and mothers, while most people are employed at least once before they become unemployed.

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    6. But they have proposed change. Just because you want to believe they haven’t doesn’t mean that’s the case. Explicit lists have been made. Also, they never said anything about someone “taking care of them.” You just made that up (or rather the person/place that spoon-feeds your opinions to you did). Honestly – do you have any evidence at all that protesters believe that? Do you believe they’re lying when they say they don’t?

      Also, if you weren’t a dishonest person you would look at the employment rate among older OWS protesters (~36% are over the age of 35) and compare that with Tea Partiers. You would also take into account the fact that most Tea Partiers had good economies throughout most of their adulthoods. Or the fact that the unemployed can’t create jobs out of thin air, given the fact that there are 5 unemployed for every job opening (I keep repeating this because it highlights how nonsensical “unemployed are lazy” arguments are).

      But these things don’t support your world-view, so you will either ignore them or think that I’m lying.

  12. Truly pity the idiots and liberals who can pervert their own thought process enough to see the OWS movement as a reasonable action. It’s pathetic. Another symptom of a generation successfully brainwashed by the liberal media into believing that the government is supposed to take care of them, provide jobs, and regulate industry. I hope there are enough reasoning minds to combat the terrifying shift from reason and republicanism to a socialist supplication to the will of the central government.

    1. Reasoning minds do not start off with Ad Hominem attacks such as “idiots and liberals”. Your point is hence, moot.

    2. I take it that you are not one of those reasoned minds, but in fact one infected with the shift towrads the radicalisation of the right that has created the OWS movement as a backlash.

      Hang your head in shame sir.

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    3. Do you not remember the origin of government? No? Then let’s go back to the beginning. Natural law was the only thing imposed on a human being. They could do whatever they chose to do. They gave up their rights to the “natural law” when people started invading lands, stealing their money, etc. Whilst this chaos occurs, people began to form primitive governments that helped each other out and defended the homeland.

  13. Interesting, this explains a lot. The occupy Wall St. group…64% are under the age of 32, and 70% have a job. The Tea Party folks…10% are over the age of 45. 56% are retired (they worked most if not all of their lives) Which explains why the Tea Party folks are wealthier. Years ago it was easy to get a good job with a high school education, nowadays to get a high paying job most people have to get some type of college education.
    On a personal note…I wonder what the ratio between the Wall St. folks compared to the Tea Party folks when it comes to church attendance and belief in God. (which in my opinion is a determining factor in the different behavior between the two groups)

    1. What bearing does church going have on any of this discussion. Probably more tea baggers go to church, but that doesn’t make them special or better, if anything it makes them hypocrites since on Sunday they go to listen to sermons about how the rich man won\’t get into heaven and how you should help the poor and suffering, and then they go out and protest for the rights of the megarich and mock parkinson’s sufferers as parasites..

    2. I don’t go to church anymore because I have 3 part time jobs but I was raised in a church and I am a Christian. I was also raised by parents who were very firm in their belief that it is our civic duty to educate ourselves before voting, to then vote, and to let the govt know when they are consistently doing things that are NOT for the betterment of the American taxpayer. The most patriotic thing we can do is to complain when our govt has gone astray. And BOTH OWS and the Tea Party believe that. The Tea Party wants smaller govt, but guess what? That will NEVER happen until corporate money is removed from Washington, which is what OWS wants. Seems to me, if we’d all just cut through the BS, we would realize that, in essence, we are on the same side. We will never agree on everything, but I think there are definitely some things we can agree on if we just wouldn’t let our govt divide us.

    3. Has the fact that the Tea Party folks had a good economy for most of their adulthoods entered your mind at all? There are far fewer jobs than unemployed people, and a large number of jobs that do exist pay little and offer little to nothing in the way of benefits. The median personal income for adults over the age of 25 is about $32,000 a year (for the statistically challenged, roughly half of 25+ year old Americans make less than $32k a year).

      This has nothing to do with values. What you believe just makes no logical sense. It is literally impossible for most unemployed young Americans to find work. The jobs do not exist.

      It makes absolutely no sense to compare the employment of people during a period with very low unemployment and higher pay with the employment of people during our country’s second worst economic crisis. Can you understand this?

      (This issue frustrates me, because the “people who complain are lazy and should get well-paying jobs” view makes absolutely no sense for a variety of reasons that are very easy to understand. How do you get more simple than “more people than jobs”? It really shows the extent to which people will resist any change in their worldview.)

  14. Thanks for the lo-res info graphic with 4 point rasterized type. Look nice, but it’s unreadable.

    1. Link to full size is in the post.

  15. Great infographic! I hope people can use something like this to see both the pros of the movement they don’t support, and the cons of the one they do, to learn to stop squabbling 🙂

  16. Really nice infographic, and since there are so many college students part of the OWS scene I am sure they would demand to see the backup statistics and polling on which the info is based. You see, just presenting a bunch of information doesn’t make it true. And since the forum is um, a bit biased, I don’t think the information can really be trusted. But really nice marketing effect, it can now be disseminated all around the internet and the gullible will accept that it is all true. Probably get all stirred up and set fires, break windows and pillage- with uncivil disobedience.

    1. Being an older, college-educated person, (49 yrs old) I discovered that if one clicks on the link in the article, one can go to the main graphic which has this interesting section called “Sources.” Said sources detail where the information came from.

      Bias proves truth or lack thereof? If so, can I say that your posting is full of lies, since you demonstrate a bias?

      1. right on!
        it’s so odd, this mainstream idea that saying something is ‘biased’ means you can dismiss it.
        people all have opinions, and are allowed to express them, and offer evidence to support their ideas. we’re humans. that’s what we do.

        the whole point of looking for ‘bias’ is that you can see it, and ADD that info in, and then USE YOUR BRAIN to critically evaluate the argument. not just yell because you brilliantly sherlock holmes’d what side the writer is on.

    2. Sources are all at the bottom of the infographic from conservative and liberal sites. Nice jumping to conclusions though.

  17. You forgot to mention “Christian family values” as a large part of what sets Conservatives apart from more moderate Republicans. The stubborn uncompromising subscription to homophobia and a war-fueled economy is most people’s deal breaker.

  18. So much fail in this, Michael Moore a politician? When and where was he voted in? And grouped with Obama and Pelosi?

  19. These facts are skewed. 56% employment is a bogus statistic because of the retirement issue. If the retirees are excluded the percentage would increase substantially.

    1. Do you ordinarily suggest killing off the old?

      Removing 100,000 protesters roughly by the numbers in the graphic would put a rather large dent in it, if your argument is that these people have worked in the past, this is not information that is actually available from these studies it would seem, and then the question would equally need to be posed, how many people who are now unemployed, have indeed in the past had jobs. Equally the information doesnt go into detail about how many of these “retiree’s” were stay at home mums, how many spent how long unemployed, whether they are self funded retirees or living off the back of charity, either from the family, church or government. Frankly it just gets to be a bit silly then, and the obvious fair point of “how many people in this group are directly inolved in the workforce” [which amusingly is far higher in OWS as unemployed people are typically unemployed because they are looking for employment while retirees have no plans to work again for a day in their life] becomes lost.

      Frankly It would seem those who have the majority of their lives left to live, would have a higher level of investment in seeing things work out in a positive way, for them to be able to earn and have a decent standard of life for the next 30 to 80 years, whereas those who are retired simply want to see the money, property, and financial products they have now not devalue so that they can live out the next maybe 10-30 years in a level of comfort.

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    2. If you don’t count retired people then the number of tea partiers drops by a third. Why shouldn’t retired people count?

  20. Can\’t we all just Ron Paul 2012?

    1. Ron Paul will only make the problems worse, half of his things are positive, give the people drugs, the other half are awful, make the people work for less, that at the end of the day we have drugs doesnt really make up for needing to take them to be able to cope with $1 an hour wages, or will our corporate overlords be benevolent in their cost cutting and only take it down to $2?

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  21. I’m conservative on issues like law and order, and I want to reduce the size of the government as I feel there is a lot of unnecessary wastage of tax payers money. At the same time I’m an atheist , I believe gay people have the right to be as miserable as the rest of us, let them get married!

    Most people are the same, we’re conservative on some issues and liberal on others. However there seems to be a concerted attempt by the mainstream media from Faux News to NBC, CNN etc etc to paint a false reality of what America is really like, they’re pitting us against one another, divided we are weak, the government, corporations and the elite can do whatever they like. They don’t want to see Americans united, once that happens then the game is up for them.

  22. I find it hard to believe that the OWS people are 70% independent and only 27% democrat. Is this somehow checking registrations or is it just polling? Dems are typically less likely to admit that they are registered compared to Repubs.

    1. Most people involved in OWS do not support the Democratic Party. There’s a reason why they’re protesting while Obama is still president. While most would choose a Democratic president over a Republican one, they don’t think Democrats are good. Electing Democrats isn’t the goal.

  23. Yeah, the fingers here are clearly pointed back at fellow Americans and clearly remain partisan.

    Well, so much for the whole 99% thing. It was fun while we could pretend we all wanted to fix things.

  24. Are you seriously going to count the retired tea party members as unemployed? Absolutely a ridiculous graph with no meaning

    1. God dammit, percentage is out of 100, not two fractions added together.

      The graph is saying, that out of the Tea Party AS A WHOLE
      56% is UNEMPLOYED,
      33% retired….(retired does not count as unemployed)

      And the remainder is unaccounted for in this particular graph.

      This is so simple.

      The 92% vs. 70% is obviously quite accurate.

  25. So… out of 1.4 Million protesters trying to enact change in the US… only 100,000 are actually in the US?

    And 70% of the 1.4 Million are employed, how many of the 100,000 in the US actually are?

  26. Having a hard time believing your stats here. Unless of course you call getting paid by a Union to protest or an ACORN spin off to hang out doing up and down twinkles being employed. I was impressed however when occupy Denver elected a Dog to be it’s leader. Apparently it was the smartest “person” they could find. However the dog could not be considered that bright if is hanging out with them.

    1. I was never paid to protest and I’ve been protesting since day one. Do you believe everything your told? Please, go see things with your own eyes. They are the only thing incapable of deception.

  27. Where did you get how many people go to church as a topic? Like religion helps anything…

  28. So this shows: The average Teaparty Person is older.

    Of course they make more, they’ve been working longer.

    Because they’re older they have approximately 33% retired. Add that to their 56% of employed members and you get 89% of current and employed. More importantly, most of the retired were probably working for longer than most of the OWS have been alive.

    Despite having less college graduates, the TP’ers have higher average incomes and more employed (past/present) members than OWS. Sad.

    Not impressed.

    1. First off, you seem to conclude that the 30% of unemployed OWSers have never held a job in their lives. That is almost certainly wrong, so if you are going to say that the retired tea partiers once worked, so they should be counted as employed, shouldn\’t you apply the same standard to the unemployed OWS protesters since they have also been employed in the past?

      Another assumptions you make is that these tea baggers were all gainfully employed right up until they turned 65 and started receiving SS. For all you know, many were unemployed for decades before turning 65.

      You say, “Despite having less college graduates, the TP’ers have higher average incomes and more employed (past/present) members than OWS. Sad.” clearly inferring it is the fault of the OWS members that they earn less since they have the advantage of higher education, so must be lazy. But in the exact same post you state the actual reason the tea baggers make more on average. “Of course they make more, they’ve been working longer.”

      To me the biggest problem with the infografic is apples/oranges comparisons. On the one side they separate out retired people from the unemployed, on the other side they haven’t which makes comparison rather difficult.

      1. You are aware that you have to work ENOUGH to receive SS right? You can’t just hold a job for a couple years and qualify… And the difference is that the retired are living off of the money they have paid into a system from the job they worked for decades.

        1. Actually you do NOT have to have had a job – if you are a spouse, you can collect 1/2 of your other half’s Social Security (it’s actually call Old Age and SURVIVORS insurance) – many could easily have never held a paying job. Whether being a homemaker is a job or not is up for debate. An yes, the worker pays in for the benefits. If a woman is married to a man for more than 10 years and doesn’t remarry, she can collect on his Soc. Sec. when she reaches 62 (early) if other requirements are met. For the rest of us FULL retirement is 67 plus a few months depending on birthdate.

  29. One irony of course is that the retired proportion of the Tea Partiers have far more time on their hand to be part of a movement that would gut all their entitlements. “Get the government out of my medicare!” comes to mind. Indeed, they draw on big government more than any other segment of the population. At least OWS is fighting on their behalf.

  30. While most are focusing on the whole ‘retired people are not unemployed’. When it comes to having a job or not having a job, they have no job. They are retired and not actively searching for work. Thus, they are by definition, unemployed.
    Michael Moore is a politician because he effects your political views. Whether he runs for a position or not he has the media to affect your view.
    I also do believe that the Tea party movement was co-opted by mainstream politics and then eventually hijacked by their politicians looking for votes. I mean, Bachmann by no means represents the idea of the original Tea party. Ron Paul is the closest definition of what the Tea Party was looking for. Smaller government, caring for the average Joe and holding the government and other big businesses fiscally responsible. Oh, and he wants to end the wars as well.

  31. Ron Paul 2012!!!!!

  32. Why the world are you claiming protest that are older than the Occupy movement as part of it?

    1. Stats padding, the idea being that the OWS is in the tradition as the m-15, but really, its just stats padding, on the other hand taken from wiki;

      “elimination of privileges for the political class, measures to combat unemployment, measures to promote rights to housing, measures to improve public services in teaching, health, and public transport, increased regulation of the banking industry, implementation of new fiscal measures, measures in favor of citizen’s rights and participatory democracy, and a reduction in military spending. Together they believe that this culmination will bring about the change in society needed to assist those who are not among the country’s priviliged elite.”

      It could be suggested that this is all titled as OWS only because of the highly US-centric viewpoint of the english speaking media, where movements start in the USA, its debatable if that was the case in this round of protests if the info wishes to tie it back to the m-15 actions, if that was the case though im surpised the connection hasnt been made to tunisia/libya/egypt in the sense of popular call for a democratic reformation, and a movement towards a more egalitarian society. While it could be suggested that the OWS/m-15 is deeply different [especially with the arabspring] in the specific demands and actions, they are in spirit very similar, which is maybe why you had protestors in egypt in solidarity with Occupy actions worldwide.

      Funny everyone else went for the retirees as the main issue of contention in this infographic which is really neither here nor there, still maybe its just a communist run consipiracy, pushed from tehran through the unsuspecting nazi-jew socialist media which is being held hostage by the dirty smell green loving hippies.

      Damn those dirty, smelly, 70% employed, mostly college educated, hippies.

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  33. Not surprising since PAID professional protestors are employed. Let’s compare the ones (US only) who are NOT paid by either ACORN or the Labor Unions, or other groups to be there and see what the number are.

    1. The imagination of the right wing sure is fanciful. Have you got any evidence whatsoever of anyone being paid to protest at OWS. (p.s. things you invent in your mind don’t count as evidence.)

      On the other hand, there was a lot of examples of tea partiers being bussed to protests by wealthy funders like american crossroads.

  34. Just love the signs on top of page, shows pure hypocrisy of the “we party” . They want to change campaign financing. Obama spent close to a HALF BILLION with almost a 1/4 billion from UNKNOWN sources. After agreeing to accept federal matching funds which would have made massive cuts in his campaign spending.

    1. Whats your point?

      I’m pretty sure that the OWS protesters are opposed to corporations buying politics no matter which party is on the receiving end. They aren’t demanding campaign finance reform only for Republicans.

      And since 70% of OWS doesn’t identify with either party I fail to see what the hypocrisy is.

  35. Why does OWS spend so much energy comparing itself to the tea party? This is pointless Red vs. Blue rhetoric. Focus.

    1. People dont want TP folks, to sit down with OWS folks, for the TP folks to only realise that they are their grandchildren, and start a real dialogue about the future America. The people trying to take over/manage OWS dont want this, and the people who control the TP folks want it even less as there are alot of media, buisness and political kick backs at stake for them with this, espcially with corporations able to spend whatever it takes to bring home the next presidential election.

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  36. You guys are really not reading that pie chart correctly. 56% of the Tea Party is unemployed. Period. 33% are retired (clearly shown by the orange section that says “1/3 are retired”) and what’s left (11%) are employed. The retirees are not included in the 56% of the unemployed.

    1. The confusion arises from the fact that they separate retired people out on one side, but not on the other. Since there are retired people who are members of OWS they have presumably been lumped in with the unemployed.

    2. The confusion comes from you not being able to read a pie chart that says 56% are currently employed and 11% are unemployed. And that 30% have worked their whole lives to be able to retire and paid money from their jobs to continue getting paid from those jobs during their retirement!

  37. There is not one comment here that makes proper use of the English language. How difficult is it to speak properly in America? With the amount you are forced to spend on actually getting an education one would hope that you actually get educated. Just a pipe dream it would appear. For the conservatives; open your eyes! This problem is global not just local. You can bash Obama and the democrats all you like but the fact remains that they inherited this sh*t storm from the previous conservative war mongering government; the same government who took a record surplus left by the previous democratic government and turned it into a global financial crisis of the likes we have never seen before. The dominance of big business in politics must end here. If it does not, then politics will end here.

    1. Oh lord, now we even have Englishmen playing the “Blame Bush three years later” card? Pathetic.

  38. This is just moronic… Why would you split these two movements when they have so much in common?

    You’re the reason OWS is not being taken seriously. Get behind the movement or get out of the way, seriously…

  39. The author takes into account the retirees in the Tea Party section, and takes no such account for OWS. Although I seriously doubt there is any percentage of retirees close to 30% at OWS, there is definate bias and misrepresentation in the shown graphs. Besides, if you look past the retirees shown at in the Tea Party, the unemployment rate is only 16%, not 44%. That leaves ~14% (neglecting OWS retirees) discrepancy between OWS and the Tea Party movements.
    And on a personal opinion note, quoting Michael Moore as an intelligent/academic source invalidates that entire section of the article.

    I would say this would be a decent article, if both sides were given equal and accurate representation. The bibliography consists of overwhelmingly left sources (although it seems there may be a couple right sources), and the author (as evidenced by the “Don’t drink the tea, Think with me” graphic at the bottom) is quite obviously on the very left side of the spectrum.

    I call shennanigans.

  40. Sounds like a bunch of made up statistics to me….there is no way to accurately calculate the employment rate of each movement or the college experience of each member of each movement. Is this supposed to be journalism?

    1. The education one seems pretty accurate to me. Just compare any two photos from a teabag rally and a OWS protest. If you can find one misspelled sign at an OWS rally for every ten misspelled teabag signs I would be surprised.

  41. Thanks< Loved it:)

  42. […] 70% of Occupy Wall Streeters are Employed, Compared to 56% of Tea Partiers ( […]

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  43. […] a recent survey has showed that 70% of occupy protesters are employed, compared to 56% of the Tea Party protesters. So, if you see someone in a hat with tea bags dangling from it, at a protest, tell them to, […]

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  44. […] more: This entry was posted in Occupy The Game, Occupy Wall Street and tagged job, occupy, […]

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  45. Well it would seem that there are some critical people here who are incapable of interpreting charts correctly.

    Of the 56% unemployed within the Tea Party, NONE OF THEM ARE RETIRED. The retired make up one-third of the REMAINDER. The circle represents 100% of Tea Partiers in the sample.

    The only question I have is, did these people read the graph wrong because they are not all that bright, as other data suggests, or is their ridiculous, untenable ideology driving them to confuse the fact that the Tea Party is, in fact, a group of sheep being duped by the politicians/corporations/banks/media windbags who got us here and would very much like to keep us here, and then some? Or are the two not mutually exclusive?

    1. The confusion comes from you not knowing how to read!!! 56% are EMPLOYED!!!!

  46. And .. cue the backlash. Now I am eating crow for reading that graphic wrong myself.

    Enjoy your vindication, Tea Partiers. That part about you being the sheep is still true.

  47. BRILLIANT, visual representation of the truth behind what is going on today in this country.

    Unfortunately, though – if you listen to many Congressional Republicans, Right wing pundits and Tea Party aficionados – when common citizens across the country representing the vast majority of America peacefully protest in mass numbers against unbridled greed by Wall Street and the banking industry, they are just angry mobs of un-American thugs engaging in anti-capitalist propaganda mongering.

    But when corporate-sponsored Tea Partiers protest outside the White House or other public centers (albeit carrying signs promoting bigotry, racism, hatred and/or violence), they are symbolic of the purest form of patriotism in action.

  48. This is GREAT! One question though…when did Michael Moore become a politician? What office is he running for?

  49. What is it with you liberals, always wanting to inject reality into the mix?


  50. Please refrain from funneling the 99% into the left/right paradigm. People are losing interest in this false dichotomy. We have more pressing issues than trivial stereotyping and division. It’s time to put away childish things.

  51. These are great stats, hands down. Very illuminating.

  52. Ignoring your own stats. (56%) You were so excited when you punched enter on the calculator, you ran with it. What was the sampling,10 people? This reminds me of the WWII propaganda posters. To sum up what that whole OWS thing is about with your little graphics is a nice little effort, but I’m sure filled with falsehoods.

  53. How many OWS are on Move On, or other groups payroll?
    The issue is not Tea Party vs OWS !
    The issue is, \”The OWS is asking us to blain WS for inequality in income and jobs. To change the tax system to benefit more people.
    The way to solve inequality is not to tinker with a failed tax system, but to replace it.
    A transaction tax of 1% on all stock trades would do just that and end the income tax. If we add a consumption tax, really a national sales tax, it would reward undercunsumption and reach everyone. (Espicially those who OWS feels are under taxed)
    With all progressive income tax gone, everyone is better off, invests more, spends more, and would have the security of knowing how to plan and expand our future.
    Think about it: 5% of every transaction in the GDP, 1% of the billions changing hands on WS, and possibly 2% of intangables. Then we set the rulers to require a 2/3 vote, in daylight hours, and possibly a national popular vote to change the rate. No more special interest: No more unhappy people, Tea Party or OWS. We would all know exactly what part of our income the government was entitled to forever.
    Say no to 999, 23%, or anything that adds to the present troubles or can be gamed by the few. Take the power to tax or destroy away from the special interests !

  54. Don’t you just love how percentages can be used to your advantage. I’m not for or against the Tea Party or Occupy Wall Street, but percentages don’t sway me at all. Many people I know don’t even know that 1+2 x 3 = 7 and not 9. Take a poll.

  55. […] flocking to Occupy protests? One survey found that 70 percent of Occupy Wall Street participants had jobs, compared with 56 percent of Tea Partiers. [The Nation, via We Party […]

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  56. […]… […]

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  57. […] [toread] We Party Patriots » Blog Archive » Get a What? A Job? 70% of Occupy Wall Street… – […]

  58. The difference between the groups is that the Tea Party is a fake group, created by Koch Bros. and friends to oppose Obama and any kind of progressive agenda, and rally for the rich. On the other hand OWS and the Occupiers are the people, not paid or funded by any corporation or PAC. They are not just national they are international and they are concerned about many issues, and many populations. If you have this discussion you must first admit that the Tea Party is not a grass roots group, but a corporate funded group, THEN you can compare anything else you like.

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  59. This article was nice attempt to make the left feel good about their extra Y chromosome movement.

    Here are a few more stereotypes to add to the OWS crowd: Criminals, Anarchist, Communists and Antisemites… oh but wait, those aren’t stereotypes.. that’s what they really are and there more video proof than you can shake a stick at… here are just a few samples.

  60. Did it ever occur to you that the age difference you’re quoting between the two sides has much to do with many of the other demographics you so smugly mention? With age comes that commodity that many of the so-called “occupation party” don’t possess: experience. And experience teaches things you’ll never get from books or high-handed, leftist militants. I myself have no use for extremism of any kind and find both the Tea Party and the Occupation movement to be just more socio-political drivel that will do nothing in the end but divide people violently while nothing gets done.

  61. Why does it confuse some citizens here in America as to what the protestors are in the streets for when there are protestors from other countries all around the world in support of what the 99% are doing? They get it and understand exactly what & why they’re doing it! It seems odd our own countrymen would be so against their fellow citizens exorcizing their Constitutional Rights to do so. Why is there so much hate, judgmental rhetoric, and downright baloney in regard to our protestors? Of course, a very different form of “taking it to the streets” occurred after the Penn St. coach was fired, violence, tipping over of a news van, etc. and where’s the outrage over that? There were zero arrests in conjunction to that obvious violence and the police just can’t get enough of arresting peaceful protestors whenever they get a chance. I do not get this crazy backwards type of justice going on here in America.

    The 99% specifically never claimed a party, left or right, because it’s not about that. It’s an up & down issue and affects us all.

  62. I have experience. I”m 52 years old, have raised two children on my own after my divorce, and I’ve held the corporate jobs and the menial jobs. I’m currently working 3 part time jobs and not making ends meet. I’m making the same salary as I did in 1983. And my elected “public servants” are too busy lining their pockets with corporate money, lobbyist gifts, and trading stock with insider information to care about what is REALLY going on out here. The main thing about this demographic is that FoxNews likes to claim that the OWS protesters are JOBLESS and WANT A HAND-OUT. They are NOT!! I don’t want a hand-out. I want my elected public servants to put their hands BACK in their own pockets and do what they were elected to do which is to govern for the betterment of the majority of the American people. And I want a job where I can make a LIVING wage. This is America and I don’t think that’s too much to ask. The best response I saw to a post on OccupyDenver was when a man posted, “Go home! Take a shower! Get a job!” and OccupyDenver responded, “I am at home, I took a shower 30 minutes ago, and I have a full-time AND a part time job. And when I’m not working, I occupy. Any more questions?”

  63. Want to know the sad thing? Until some drastic action that has been taken by some group that is not afraid to fight back, nothing will happen to change the country. Sitting around in a park is not going to cut it. What is going to happen? People will continue to emigrate. I am looking into moving to northern Europe where most of my friends have moved to. I am done with this country. Especially after what just happened to me today. I was debt free until a medical emergency put me right back in debt. I am done with this stinking mess of a country.

    1. I hate to break it to you, Qwiksilver, but this whole world is part of the same mess. The greener grass over there is mostly a mirage. You cannot run nor hide from the horrors we face as a global society. So, why not stay and fight here where you have grown up? Work to help build alternatives to the system: local economies and local solutions that feed, clothe, house and heal the hungry, naked, cold and sick. Take action!

  64. […] principle once you get past the shrillness, one of the biggest differences between the two is the yawning age gap between participants.  Only 10% of Tea Partiers are under the age of 34, and most are over the age […]

  65. Um, marijuana dealer is NOT a job!

  66. […] Of course, the Imperial Trolls immediately spread out across the internet (as they have for months now) chortling with glee and spreading disinformation about how these bands of lazy, dirty, jobless hippies – whose camps had been infiltrated with murderers, rapists, socialists and (gasp!) the homeless – had finally gotten their comeuppances.  For a more accurate picture of the movement, see this… […]

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  67. […] different surveys of the group, but the highest unemployment stat on the movement I have seen is 30%. We are employed, part time workers, unemployed, retired, homeless, rental unit owners, […]

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  68. […] different surveys of the group, but the highest unemployment stat on the movement I have seen is 30%. We are employed, part-time workers, unemployed, retired, homeless, rental unit owners, […]

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  69. Everyone keeps talking about how the retirees shouldn’t count towards the unemployed for the Tea Party. How about full time college students in the OWS movement that haven’t taken to the workforce yet? What percentage of OWS protesters would fall into that category?

  70. […] united against the unsupportive 1% and the government, as recent surveys show that 70% of OWS protesters are currently employed.  The first shots of this cold war are already being fired, as police […]

  71. […] don’t drum (it just so happens that I do drum), shower daily and that 85% of us are employed 70% of us are employed and most importantly, that the occupy movement has barely even begun. We’re not going […]

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  72. Interesting graphic, but I feel like it just reinforces the the us vs. them. If this is the “We Party” we should realize Tea Partiers and Occupiers are pissed abotu the same things, just think there are different remedies. It’s not us on the left vs. them on the right. It’s us millions down here vs. them thousands up top. And most of us millions still need to wake up about what’s going on.

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