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VIDEO: Russians Introduce Fully Automatic Shotgun Nicknamed “The Alley Cleaner”

The Russians have introduced the AA-12 Shotgun which is available now via The Internet (maybe you’ve heard of it?).

The AA-12 is a fully automatic, 12-gauge shotgun that is capable of a 28 round quick release magazine. The weapon, which has been nicknamed “the alley cleaner,” comes with five magazines (without shells) and is currently being shipped to Canada and Mexico. It has the look and feel of a .45 Thompson submachine gun, but the AA-12 is always in the cocked position and nothing is in the breach. You simply load the magazine, aim, and fire.

Sound scary? The potential damage the AA-12 can inflict is nothing compared to its price tage: this fully automatic shotgun is selling for close to $700! In comparison, the 20-shot, semi-automatic counterparts used by many American SWAT teams sell for $1,200. But let’s look past the fact that this gun will probably find its way into the wrong hands (or the right Wal-Marts, depending how you look at it) and focus on one thing: THIS GUN IS AWESOME!

The gun’s design is efficient enough to lay in mud and water and still deliver automatic fire. It’s no surprise that it comes courtesy of The Russians who have long been on the forefront of automatic weaponry. Their famous AK-47 proved superior to the U.S. M-16 in the Vietnam War, which has been the cause of many an accidental, unwarranted death. The M-16 would often jam and malfunction, whereas the AK-47 could routinely shoot close to 3,000 rounds (…people) without jamming.

Check out the video, below, where a Russian arms “expert” (i.e. 20-something) shows off the gun’s capabilities by destroying various water jugs and doors, often in gorgeous, testosterone boiling slow motion.

“Don’t try this at home,” the 20-something says, I am a professional Russian.”


One Comment on “VIDEO: Russians Introduce Fully Automatic Shotgun Nicknamed “The Alley Cleaner””

  1. Are these legal in the US and how would I go about getting this to keep by my bed at night?

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