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ZOMBIE LAW 2011: Right-to-Work Is Rising Again In Indiana

Indiana Commerce Secretary Mitch Roob has continued to lobby Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels for a Right-to-Work (RTW) law he claims will benefit the economy of the state. Daniels publicly asked lawmakers to drop the debate last session after Democrats staged a five week walkout in protest. Commerce Secretary Roob told a legislative panel looking into the issue that he has found some businesses that will not open their doors in Indiana without the law.

Daniels did not come out in support of a RTW agenda but has said that he wants to have a public debate on the issue. According to The Journal Gazette:

“I wasn’t in favor of its consideration in last session because we hadn’t had this kind of an open process, an airing of all the issues,” the governor said Tuesday. “Let’s have that airing, and then we’ll have something more definitive to say.”

During the legislative panel, supporters of both sides brought experts who tried to use statistics to show that there is only one side to this debate: theirs.

Gordon Lafer, a University of Oregon economics professor, said Vedder’s(Richard Vedder who spoke in favor of the Right to work laws) study did not account for a state’s overall situation and would not withstand the peer-review process. He noted specifically Vedder’s use of averages – saying if Bill Gates were in a bar, the average income of patrons in that bar would jump into the millions.

“This is not scholarship. This is propaganda with footnotes,” Lafer said.

It seems as if the movement to enforce RTW laws on an unwilling public will rise up again next year after brief and carefully censored public debate. Indiana Democrats will have another hard year of doing what they can to prevent this wage-crushing legislation from bringing Indiana down.


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