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Whole Foods Employee Bashes Company’s Anti-Worker, “Faux Hippy Wal-Mart” Policies

In an “epic” resignation letter sent to Whole Foods Inc. that has turned up on, an unnamed former employee in Toronto trashes the corporation for being unfriendly to unions, going against their mission statement, and being uncool when he was 20 minutes late.

Much of the letter, below, reads like a personal vendetta against a former employer and is quite hilarious. But, the worker also touches on the fact that Whole Foods is mistreating its workers and misleading its customers to increase profits. The manifesto/resignation letter starts off with the quote, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” It then goes on and on. And on.

Below are some selected highlights. The letter can be read in its entirety HERE.

Dear Whole Foods Market,

My experience at Whole Foods was like an increasingly sped up fall down a really long hill. That got rockier with every metre. And eventually, just really spiky … With fire, acid and Nickleback music. I was hired about five or six years ago. I appreciated and respected what the company said it’s philosophies were at that time. The “core values” essentially. However, it didn’t take long to realize what complete and utter bull**** they are (abridged):

Oh, you don’t recycle properly?
Oh, you throw out enough food to feed a lot of hungry university students.
Oh, you’ve installed massive television screens all over the store, sucking up energy and polluting the environment with tacky advertisements.
Oh, you sometimes intentionally order too much just to guarantee a full shelf, knowing full well the product will most likely be thrown out?

Oh, the food here is really quite awful on average? Almost everything that prepared foods makes is terrible. The pizza used to be pretty good but the slices have shrunk, the toppings are sparser and it’s usually extremely overcooked. The sandwiches are the stuff of nightmares. (It’s amazing what advertising can make people think. It can even trick their senses.)
Oh, you let some customers abuse your employees and then actually reward the customers for their behaviour and then trample on the integrity and honour of your abused employees? (Supporting team member happiness and excellence)

Oh, you purchase products from Israel (Or any distant country) if they’re slightly cheaper than local alternatives?
Oh, you’ve somehow created the worst computer program I’ve ever used to run your entire buying system? IRMA is some Windows 95 era stuff, guys. I could design a significantly better interface in 30 minutes on a pad of paper. I know several students who could create a superior program in their spare time. Was someone actually hired to create that thing? Was it the Realplayer dudes? Even Captain Picard couldn’t facepalm hard enough to express the amount of failure in that… that, thing…

Oh, you push employees into greater responsibilities without compensation? Often having them essentially do all the work of a higher position without the pay?
Oh, you ambush employee’s [sic] using two managers when you want to write someone up? No warning. No representation. All reasons and excuses fall on deaf ears.
Oh, you don’t believe inflation exists? Cost of living raises aren’t given here?

Now the employees have lost a lot of their former power and the store is being sucked into some centralized monster. Quality is being thrown out in favour of the people at the top having to do a little less work. Competition is being destroyed and you’re not even pushing that many healthy products. Every second endcap is potato chips or pop or some sort of salt filled snack (Promoting the health of our stakeholders through healthy eating education). A lot of the stuff in Whole Body doesn’t even work or has absolutely no credible evidence to back any claims up. You’re kind of a faux hippy Wal-Mart now. Great. Job.


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