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Local Wisconsin Official Threatening Union Workers With Stifled Pay Raises If They Don’t Decertify

According to an article written by Lisa Sink, Brookfield, WI Human Resources Director, Jim Zwerlein is saying that the state budget repair bill “decimated” unions and that employees might be better off financially to be non-represented. The city will see new deals for the union workers in the Fire department, Police Department and other city services in the next two years and the workers are being forced to come to a decision on whether they want to stand loyal with their union brothers or de-certify and try to cash in:

John Dillon, business agent for the Wisconsin Professional Police Association representing Brookfield’s police personnel, said he was not surprised to hear pay raises could be an incentive to decertify.

“Unfortunately I believe the statements made by HR Director Jim Zwerlein were 100% accurate,” Dillon said.

“The changes made to the collective bargaining laws provided a disincentive for union membership along with obstacles to remain an organized unit,” Dillon said.

“But that was the goal of the Republican Party. Destroy the Unions; destroy a major funding provider for the Democratic Party and eliminate your competition!”

The GOP’s war on unions will also hit Wisconsin hard in late August when unions will change their pension practices:

The committee and the Common Council on Tuesday voted to start requiring pension contributions from non-union-represented employees on Aug. 26, to do so on a pre-tax basis and to create a new Civil Service System grievance procedure to replace collective bargaining protections.

Zwerlein spoke at length about the sweeping changes to labor relations that will give the public sector unilateral power to change pay, benefits and and work rules for employees.

“This law has decimated unions in a very real sense,” he told the committee. “It’s not expected that a lot of these unions (statewide) are going to survive. The law is really incentivized to disband the union.”

The article can be read in its entirety HERE.


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