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“Americans are working hard to live honest lives and they should expect their elected officials to do the same.”

Writer Charles Blow’s July 15th op-ed piece in the New York Times titled, “They, Too, Sing America” is an excellent look at the current political climate in America.

I am not going to try to match wits with Blow, he is an amazing writer with a sharp and accurate take on the situation. I do want to expand on a point he made in his argument, though. In the piece he says,

They do hard jobs and odd jobs — any work they can find to keep the lights on and the children fed.

No one mentioned the asinine argument about the debt ceiling. No one. Life is pressing down on them so hard that they can barely breathe. They just want Washington to work, the way they do.

Kudos for hitting the nail on the head, Charles. Americans are working hard to live honest lives and they should expect their elected officials to do the same. Is this too much to ask? Our tax money pays their salary and without our vote they cannot be elected.

I guess I’m saying ‘it’s time. America.’ Let’s get it together. You’ve worked hard and been creatively frugal to keep your families afloat and you’re starting to see success in those investments. Things are getting better, albeit slowly, and it’s you who did it, not the politicians.

Let’s demand better representation, because we deserve it. Let’s put an end to corporate greed and downright villainy that currently has a stranglehold on Washington and the concept of American democracy. Would you settle for average when it came to your children? Of course not! Then why would you settle for average when it comes to your government?

New voices are needed in both national and local government that will speak for the people; the voices of people working 60 hours a week and barely keeping it together; the people making hard decisions everyday about their money and how to best invest it in their futures; these people deserve representatives who are willing to make the same hard choices when it comes to their tax dollars.

Sounds a little bit like the original vision of the Tea Party, right? Except from the beginning we’ve known the Tea Party was not organic. It was funded by rich men who were scared by a liberal President who campaigned on giving hope to the average American in a time of fear and hopelessness. These men were so hell bent on keeping the powers afforded them by the prior administration that they fooled the public, creating a political movement that was out to destroy exactly what it stood for. It was false and those who supported it either sit with egg on their face or refuse to acknowledge the facts that lay before them. Fueled by fear mongering, the media feels no responsibility to demand the truth.

The Tea Party that promised a voice to the working man left disenfranchised by the current political climate delivered nothing but a Congress led by the desires of lobbyists and corporations looking to cash in on their new found power. Across the country, newly elected Republican governors have set a unilateral agenda to break the backs of the middle class they were supposed to represent. No one is better for it but the small group of powerful interests that funded the borderline coup.

Those in power are cursed by what it takes to keep that power and therefore we need a Tabula Rasa. We need Patriots. Real Patriots. Hard working men and women who are willing to demand that their government works as hard as they do. They are out there, the future leaders of America, the founding fathers of something new and glorious. They just need to hear the call — the call of the American people who demand that honest, hard working folks represent their interests in government.

So what is the solution to our woes? I can’t tell you that. I am only one person and our voices needed to be heard in plurality. What we need to do is to start is talk. Start with your neighbor and see what you can agree on and then the two of you go to the other neighbor and see what they have to say and then include them on going to another neighbors. Work in your communities to build something pure and let it be an example to the nation that they can do the same in their own. If our country is going to be taken back it is going to have to be led by the farmers in Georgia, Union Workers in Wisconsin, and the unemployed in my home state of Pennsylvania. It will take all of us working together to make a change and the truth is even if we try our hardest we might fail. The powers that be are simply too established and their puppet masters have very deep pocketbooks. We have to start the ball moving in the right direction though even if we fail at first. We cannot be afraid to fail. America does not live in fear, it rises above it.


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