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VIDEO: Roseanne Barr Nails A Politician on Fair Wages, Tax Breaks and the Middle Class

In the 1990’s, the comedy of Roseanne Barr had a polarizing effect on America. Many saw her take on Middle Class life in small town America as a reflection of their own lives. Many others simply didn’t want to have to see, in primetime, that others were struggling to live honest lives when things were coming so easy to them. In the following clip, Roseanne is visited by her state representative. When Roseanne shows that she is informed about the issues, the politician tries to make an escape. It plays on the audacity of public servants who believe the middle class is too busy to keep informed on issues that affect them.

Looking at the jokes now, I realize I didn’t understand their significance as a young boy. I also didn’t understand the significance of the situation. The early 90’s were a tough time for the middle class. Those who made it out alive were better for it. Roseanne Barr’s commentary has rung shockingly true. She knew the politician placating her with false sympathy wouldn’t expect her to know that he wasn’t looking out for her or her family’s best interests at all.

I can remember sitting with my family and watching Roseanne. Times were tough for us. My mother had quit her 9 to 5 and used Clinton-era initiatives to go back to school and obtain a graduate degree. My father took over many of her responsibilities as she attended class in the day and studied all night. It was a hard time for them, working all day and night to provide a better future for their kids. We didn’t have a lot of time to be all together at once, but Roseanne was a time we sat down together.

History is cyclical and many people are currently in the same situation as the Conner family was then. History also teaches us valuable lessons. The lesson here is that it is important to stay informed and be vocal about your political beliefs because many of those who serve the public are only out to serve themselves and their inner circle of friends. Real change can come when we demand it relentlessly. Sometimes you just need a woman like Roseanne Barr to lay it out for you.


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