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NH GOP Pressures Members to Flip-Flop, Baselessly Calls Governor’s Veto a Power Grab

In New Hampshire, Governor John Lynch has promised for months to veto unpopular Right-to-Work legislation that members of the GOP majority have made a top priority despite a divided statehouse and an uncertain constituency. Now, the anti-union legislation’s most staunch supporters have launched a pressure-and-smear campaign to overcome a House vote that fell short of being veto-proof. From the Union-Leader:

Jennifer Horn, a former candidate for Congress who formed the non-profit We The People lobbying group, said Tuesday right-to-work advocates are pushing Republican opponents in the House to change their votes.

“We know who we have, we know who we don’t have and we know who we have to work on,” Horn told reporters Tuesday.

Speaker of the House William O’Brien said he and his GOP leadership team are pushing wayward Republicans to come over to their side.

“They are starting to come around to understanding why they need to support the Republican caucus,” O’Brien said.

In the past, lawmakers have taken up multiple vetoes on a single day in early fall. In a break from that tradition, O’Brien will bring right-to-work up for an override vote on May 25, two weeks after Lynch signs his veto.

“This governor’s vetoes are going to be sent right back to him,” O’Brien said. Republicans “are united in not allowing the governor to believe he can function as a third branch of the Legislature,” he said.

Lynch’s Right-to-Work veto, of course, is nothing short of fully compliant with the law, is devoid of foul play and does not come as a surprise. The Governor will be acting on behalf of not only his personal beliefs which he has made clear from the outset, but on the will of the people of New Hampshire, more than 60 percent of whom support workers rights, recent polls show.

Contrary to O’Brien’s claims, Republicans are in fact not united, and have never been on this issue. Right-to-Work has divided the GOP in other states as well (Maine and Missouri, for example, according to a big AP story yesterday), and resulted in lower wages and higher unemployment in the bulk of the states that have enacted similar laws (many of which pre-date 1970).

More from the Union Leader:

Opponents of the bill question whether the state would see any growth, since other factors rank higher as important to business location decisions. They question the kind of jobs that might be created based on a right-to-work law.

“What is the quality of the jobs they’re growing?” State Employees Association spokesman Michael Barwell asked. “Pay is lower, benefits are less and job security is weakened.”

Read the entire piece HERE.


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