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GM to Create or Retain 4,000 Jobs With $2 Billion Investment in 17 Plants Across Eight States

General Motors has announced $2 billion worth of new investments in 17 of its plants across eight states. This will create or retain 4,000 American jobs, according to their spokespeople. New hires will make half of what current employees earn. The two-tier system will be discussed during contract negotiations beginning in the Fall. New York Times has more of the scoop as it relates to the United Auto Workers union:

About 1,350 of the jobs cited will be filled by current G.M. employees who are on layoff. Once those workers are recalled, the remaining positions will go to new hires at a lower wage rate.

The company’s contract with the United Auto Workers union allows it to hire new workers at wages of $14 an hour — half what it pays existing hourly employees.

The two-tier wage scale is expected to be a major topic at the bargaining table this summer, when G.M., Ford and Chrysler all negotiate new contracts with the U.A.W. The current four-year agreements expire in mid-September.

The U.A.W. vice president in charge of the G.M. division, Joe Ashton, said he expected all the laid-off workers to be recalled before the contract expired.

Mr. Ashton declined to say what changes the union might seek in the two-tier system during the negotiations.

“They will be discussed at the table,” he said.

The union’s president, Bob King, has said the U.A.W. hopes to get back some of the concessions it made during the last round of negotiations, in 2007, when Detroit’s Big Three were in dire financial condition.


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